Painting Color Trends for 2019

Many home and business owners in Dallas consider hiring professional painting services as the easiest way to revamp their property. And truthfully, both interior and exterior paint colors do have a strong impact on how a building looks. So you could say that this sort of approach to the beautification of a residential or commercial property is actually quite smart. It wouldn’t be as costly as performing heavier renovations, but it can still change the building’s appearance by a mile.

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For example, have you ever come across a room that looks as if it came directly from a horror movie because of its dim and pale color scheme? Replace its wall paint with, say, pastel, and you’ll get a room straight out of a fun and child-friendly dream. And take note that nothing was changed with its layout and decorations in this situation.

Now, if you find that idea all too relatable, and you’re one of the many residents of Dallas who are thinking about repainting your living room or office, or planning to simply renew your property’s overall looks, then you might want to check out the most popular paint colors this 2019. There’s a reason why people love these hues, and it’s definitely NOT because they make your building look like a haunted house:

  1. White
    The bright and cozy farmhouse style has come back this year to be many people’s favorite. For such decor, a classic paint color such as a warm white backdrop is the best to complete the look without making your interiors look worn-down-old. What’s more is that this hue even emphasizes the natural light that comes into the building and makes all corners of a room look all the brighter.So whether you’re thinking of doing a residential or commercial painting project in Dallas, you can’t really make a mistake with this pure shade.
  2. Gray
    This neutral color has also become among the most wanted interior paint color this 2019. But if the word is making you think of only one color, then you might want to explore some more. It has an infinite spectrum of shades, all of which can be either a shade of cool or warm gray. They can also have brown undertones here and there; a tad bit green or purple or blue or red and whatnot.And it’s reasonable why these shades are so popular. Being the subtle paint colors that they are, gray can be integrated into all sorts of color combinations without being even a bit irritating to the eyes.So if you’re looking for some home or commercial office paint color ideas that produce an elegant, calm, and refined mood, then you may want to check the most popular shades of gray this year. Included in the list are the painting company Benjamin Moore’s Classic Gray, as well as Sherwin-Williams’ Modern Gray and Repose Gray.
  3. Earth Colors
    Now, this is another set of minimalist paint color that doesn’t fail to add a touch of simplistic elegance to any room. From beige to cream to soft pink, or cavern clay, these colors never fail to maintain a picturesque atmosphere which transforms any room to a subtly wondrous indoor earthland whenever sunlight comes in through the doors and windows.Because of that, it’s easy to understand why these shades are among the most popular living room colors in Dallas. Any lounging homeowner and their guests will surely have a relaxing experience with this hue surrounding them. However, take note that it’s great not only for residential painting, but also for giving life to office spaces thanks to its simplicity.
  4. Deep Greens and Blues
    Among the shades of these colors, “Night Watch” has been identified as one of the top modern paint colors this 2019. It exhibits a shade of hunter green, which last experienced popularity as either an office or house color back in the 90s.Its darkness gives off a moody atmosphere, different from the rest of the colors listed here. And honestly, it’s not for everyone. But if your lifestyle, personal tastes, and sense of aesthetics lean more towards botanical lush and quiet mystery, then this is the perfect house painting style for you. You might also consider using it as a bedroom color if you want to integrate that moodiness into your house’s most personal room.
  5. Orange
    Opposite of the dark greens, the different tints of orange are the brightest and most striking office and home colors that you could choose this year. It’s a hue that screams for attention and demands to be noticed. It’s perfect for rooms with a lot of activity and energy, so it’s a great color to consider when you’re looking for some playroom or bedroom paint ideas for your children.But you can still use it basically anywhere; pair it with white trims, baby blues, and simple decorations so you don’t make the mistake of overdoing it.

Now, these are just some of the many paint color trends this 2019 that can make your home or office look absolutely vibrant. Of course, there are many other paint ideas that can give you the aesthetic and curb appeal that you’re aiming for. But at the end of the day, it all depends on your preference.

And if you’ve already chosen a perfect interior or exterior house color — or an office painting — then you would have to hire a company that can make it happen. Although it may sound far-fetched, the reality is that there are only few professionals who can provide you with quality paint and outstanding services. Even fewer are those that can follow the current paint color trends of the year to make them work perfectly for you.

After all, painting is an artform that involves certain procedures to ensure that it will last on your wall. It’s not as simple as getting a brush and applying Mr. Miyagi’s “up, down” technique.

Now, if you’re looking for painting contractors in the city of Dallas who are always updated with the latest trends, then we are the right people for the job! Here at Dallas Painting Services, we provide a multitude of exceptional solutions that would cater to all of your paint-related needs. Whether you require painting, sandblasting, or even finishing services, you can depend on us to make your area look much more elegant — may it be residential, commercial, or industrial. For more information about our painting solutions, feel free to visit our SERVICES page. And if you’re interested in our offers, give us a call at 214-597-9391 or send us an email at You can also leave us a message by filling out the form provided on our CONTACT US page.

Partner with us today to achieve the aesthetic that you’ve always wanted for your property!

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