3 Main Reasons Why You Should Have Your Office Repainted ASAP

Commercial painting — you may not see its importance for your Dallas-based business right now, but plenty of benefits can come from adding a fresh coat of paint. Let’s face it, the success of a business is partly associated with the overall look of the office (especially if you provide face to face services). If, say, the office looks a bit dull and uninviting, what would customers think of your business as a whole? With this alone, one can come to the conclusion that Investing in office improvement through quality painting services can definitely boost your business’ capability of converting prospects into clients.

But it doesn’t end there! We at Dallas Painting Services believe that for you to see how hiring a professional painting company for your office makeover makes a huge difference, it is vital to go into the details. That is why we’re providing 3 important reasons why it’s high time you give your workspace a splash of new paint. See them below to find out more!

Colors and customer conversion

There’s a saying that when you want money to come your way, you should dress well. The same ideology actually applies to offices as well. As mentioned before, the success of a business is partly associated with how clients perceive the office. And in the context of corporate office paint colors, this cannot be stressed enough. See, certain colors and color combinations trigger certain emotions and perspectives in people. This can entice them to be more comfortable, open, and interactive. Now, those who have been doing business for a long time already understand that the ultimate goal for any establishment is to get sufficient returns. And given that colors can affect the perspective of people, it would be wise to allot a budget for a business’ makeover that involves painting projects like room painting. Either you go for a thematic color scheme that goes with your brand, or you could break the norm and choose different colors instead. If you’re uncertain which shades and colors would make your office more appealing for clients, you could always hire the services of commercial painting contractors. They’ll help you come up with a color scheme that’s in line with your brand and will amplify your establishment’s potential to convert prospects into paying customers.

Boost production

Not only do commercial painting companies help you make your office an inviting place of operation, but they also boost your people’s production capabilities. If your establishment doesn’t revolve around face-to-face interaction with people, opting for a business office makeover through office painting solutions can benefit your employees.

It is important to realize that your employees perceive the office the same way as those prospective clients mentioned on the first reason. According to an article written by Shandrow, K. (2015), bland colors such as grey and white actually induce lowered productivity among employees. Other researches also back up the theory that colors can affect our rate of productivity. Try asking around the office if the color scheme is helping them with their work, you might just be surprised at how people perceive the workplace with regards to its color.

Competitive edge

Let’s go with the more direct and in-your-face benefit of opting to repaint your office — a competitive edge. And nothing says this more than exterior paint color. While having bright colors for your interior can be beneficial for employees and clients, tackling the outside of the building can also be beneficial for your brand. Remember that your business might no longer be the only one operating around Dallas, so it’s fitting to have your establishment stand out from the rest of the local competition. Hiring professional painters for the exterior of the building can definitely help catch the attention of potential customers across your area. If you do it right and pair pro exterior painting services with the proper commercial office paint color combinations, you’ll definitely make your own mark. Not only that, but you also get to advertise your brand in the process! Just make sure you’re hiring experienced commercial painters if you want to guarantee quality results and keep your establishment from looking like a joke.

With these three reasons alone, there’s no denying that repainting your office both on the inside and outside can equate to business improvement. Not only can a properly repainted office increase marketability for your business, but it can also boost your employee’s level of productivity. Now, you might be wondering “what’s the best color to paint my office?” well, the answer is a definite “it depends”. It all boils down to how you want your office to look like. If you’re leaning towards a color scheme to match your brand, then, by all means, go for it. But, keep in mind that not all colors attract and boost production.

If you’re uncertain as to how you can optimize both sides of the fence, then hiring companies such as Dallas Painting Services can definitely help you out! Our experience in commercial painting is unparalleled in Dallas! When it comes to office painting ideas, we can provide you with the right color schemes and solutions to increase your business’ marketability.

If you’re looking for suggestions for office improvements, our answer is a fresh coat of paint and a touch of sophisticated color schemes. So partner with Dallas Painting Services today! Call us at 214-597-9391 or send us an email today!

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